you can be everything but my downfall

 the skirt is from  *it has pockets!*

the skirt is from

*it has pockets!*

A little bit about me, in no order of importance.

  • Mother
  • Temple University Alum #TempleMADE
  • Caribbean (St. Kitts/Nevis & St. Thomas USVI)
  • The Bronx
  • Baptized (Praise God!)
  • Leo/Virgo Cusp baby
  • I love good songwriting and plantains (totally unrelated)
  • Feminist (you could have guessed that though right?)
  • Event planner
  • Digital storyteller (cool way of saying I tell stories in various formats)
  • Creator of Kisses for Cancer
  • Creator of Be the Better Man Flag Football Tournament
  • Creator of When Pens Collide
  • Creator of The Cancer Documentary
  • Maxine Waters is my aunt (in my head)
  • I still want to know who shot Tupac. I'm not playing with y'all
  • I write way more than I talk
  • I believe health is our greatest asset so I write stories to help people get healthy (mind or body)
  • I'm in the dead dads club. It sucks, every single day.
  • I orchestrate a lot of projects from behind the scenes. It's like I'm the stagehand for life.
  • Grey's Anatomy is the greatest television love story ever told! (He's not the sun sis. YOU ARE)