Writer. Storyteller. Creator.


In the meantime, the Temple University graduate currently runs the social media channels for a national health organization creating campaigns that have reached over 7 million people worldwide.  Very much inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou, Zora Neale Hurston, Nikki Giovanni, Sandra Cisneros and many other writers of color, her wish is to encourage women to find common ground in their shared experiences and stories.  Based out of Maryland, she is also a content leader for different conferences speaking to the art of storytelling in the digital space.

T Lloyd is from the Bronx, NY born to parents who migrated from St. Kitts/Nevis.  Spending much of her childhood split between the Caribbean and the U.S., she made sense of the two worlds through writing.

She continued writing well into her adulthood penning Virgin Fingertips, a microscopic lens on her twenties.  The blog, which documents turbulent relationships, the dynamics of womanhood and a multitude of personal essays and poems garnered the attention of readers from all over the world.  After creating five years’ worth of content, Tassika dove deeper into the complexities of her culture and subsequently authored her first novel, She’s Your Daughter Too in 2013. The reflective collection of teachings is an ode to her late father meant to guide her through life without him. 

Upon its release, Tassika stepped away from personal blogging and began to explore different facets of storytelling.  She filmed a documentary highlighting the effects of cancer and exposed the reality of survivor’s remorse.  That same year she started Kisses for Cancer, a fundraising and volunteer opportunity for cancer research and awareness programs.  In 2014, she launched the Be the Better Man Campaign, a football tournament shedding light on health disparities in African American men.  These projects ignited a philanthropic passion in her as well as repurposed storytelling altogether.

In the fall of 2015, Tassika created When Pens Collide, an interactive forum for writers which allowed their readers an inside look into their writing process. This raw display of artistry sparked progressive dialogue about the importance of storytelling from Black women in a world that often makes no room for us. Covering topics like sexual assault, mental health, breast cancer, spirituality, and love, When Pens Collide served as a safe space for 9 of the best storytellers on the Internet to share their stories without the shield of their computers. This stunning display of sisterhood has since inspired Tassika to move forward with the hard launch of She’s Your Daughter Too in early 2016. 

I wanted to give my readers something they could hold in their hand. I imagined the book being like those pocket-sized Bibles, you know? Take it with you and whenever you need a reminder that you’ve survived every bad day or that you deserve love, you just reach in your bag and it’s there. No WiFi needed.