Favorite Features On Gmail


Every work day, we spend six hours checking email and since I’m a Communications professional, that number’s probably higher. I would be embarrassed by that if I didn’t learn so many tricks for staying organized with Gmail. Here are my 5 favorite features on the email kingpin.

  • Changing the Subject Line on an email thread

    • You ever been on a thread so long that the original objective changes? We’re seventeen messages from the introduction email and yet, it still reads “FWD: Meet your new Account Manager.” Do everybody a favor and update the subject line!

      • After hitting forward (reply or reply all), click the arrow on the top left of the message and a drop down menu will appear. Select “EDIT SUBJECT” and BOOM. You are now the rockstar of the group for creating a subject line that makes sense.

    • Schedule Emails

      • Did you know that emails sent on Tuesdays 10 - 11 a.m. have the highest open rate? So while you may type it at 4:30 p.m., schedule it for the next work day during that morning window.

      • Click the downward facing arrow on the SEND button and SCHEDULE pops up. If you don’t like the three options, you can select your own down to the minute.

    • Nudge

      • If you’ve ever had to circle back on something, this will be your favorite. If Gmail thinks there’s a message you need to respond to, an inline message appears. “Sent 4 days ago. Follow up?”

      • The old me used to add a reminder in my phone or task list but not anymore! I will press you and Gmail will help me do it.

    • Snooze

      • 85% of emails are opened on phones which means we’re all reading important things while distracted. How many times have you opened an email in passing and then completely forgot about it? This is a safe space. We’re family here.

      • Snooze is here to save us all. The clock icon that appears inline works much like the SCHEDULE SEND feature. Click it and select the date and time you want to be reminded of that particular message. We can’t get rid of distractions but at least this way, we can plan around them.


      • My email got hacked in 2017 and ever since, I’ve had a mild case of paranoia.

      • Whenever you’re sending sensitive information, click the lock and clock icon on the bottom of the compose window. There are several expiration options to choose from to have the email spontaneously combust. You can also add password protection. In confidential mode, readers won’t have the option to forward, copy, print, or download the email AT ALL.

      • Even though we live in the age of screenshots, you can go to sleep at night knowing you gave it a good shot.