Crowd Favorite


The key word here is intention.

In 2018, I was told repeatedly that whatever I touched in 2019 would turn to gold. Although that should have excited me, it did the opposite.The premonition paralyzed me and I’m not even sure why.

But here we are, at the end of the year and I’m just getting started. My frustration with things not being right is more important than my unreasonable need to be perfect.

Now, usually, I stay far away from talking directly to my readers. Things change so listen up. Even if you’re moving slow, you’re still moving. The idea of success is thrilling but it can also be a paralytic. Curiosity cures apathy.

Seek bliss. Believe that all the money you spend will make its way back to you tenfold. Invite people over. Hang some pictures up even if it’s not your forever home.

Temporary beauty is always better than long-term bland.

Last but certainly not least, your life is waiting. Show up and show out.


Black women, you are my favorite. It is my honor to be your sister. Thank you for rocking with me -xoxo