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Author of She’s Your Daughter Too.

Sequel coming Winter 2019.


Communications, Social Media, Health care, school-aged children, college students, C-suite executives, middle level management, entry level; I’ve spoken to a variety of people about topics I’m passionate about. Any other time, I’m writing about those topics quietly in a corner.


Award-winning communications leader with ten years of experience in strategic planning, digital content and engagement, social media curation, and storytelling. Adept at promoting advocacy initiatives and transforming complex healthcare topics into engaging stories.

On the strategic side, Lisa has a proven track record of building advocacy campaigns, securing national coverage, streamlining communications across digital platforms and creating protocols/guidelines for crisis communications.

When it comes to executing, she is a hands-on team player. Lisa has experience training all levels of staff on upcoming trends and best practices, content development, graphic, video and web design, engaging a variety of demographics and a lot more.

She is most passionate about healthcare, nursing, health disparities, immigration, and violence against marginalized communities.

Launched a national campaign resulting in 300 million impressions
Presentation on barriers to reporting workplace violence against nurses accepted by the American Public Health Association for their Annual Conference
Grew audience to nearly from 800K to 1.4 million followers in one year, LinkedIn by 104%

 Free thought

Life ain’t been no crystal stair.

I’ve been practicing not letting my ego get the best of me, not letting the need for perfection get in the way of productivity. Sometimes I’m extremely focused and other days, everything is distracting. Life is fluid. We are not strong every day. We break promises to ourselves and we don’t extend enough grace. But this website is up and even when I forget who I am or don’t feel like joining the rest of the world, this is a sign that once upon a time, I was very much here.