We've all done it before

  • Edited an email to sound happy?

  • Added an "I'm sorry" to ease into a request?

  • Thrown in exclamation points to convey excitement.

#SHE-mail was held on October 9, 2019 with 100 registrants.

This culturally congruent workshop was exclusively for women to provide best practices, email etiquette, and resources that will transform their communication style without disempowering them.

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my thoughts.

Black women & women of color

When creating the deck, I was intentional about using images of women who looked like me. It was hard to find US anywhere because the default is always “white.”

The promo materials had images from CreateHERStock, whose mission is to fill that need. By the end of it all, I realized I had never seen a deck with US in it. It felt better than I could have imagined.

The logistics side

Two weeks for a presentation that under normal circumstances, I would have had a few months to prepare was a huge undertaking. The graphics, the content, the response time, the logistics - it was a lot.

And worth every second. I can’t believe women who didn’t even know me registered. I can’t believe women who’ve known me my entire life registered. The whole thing is surreal. My heart is bursting with joy.

Internal battle

I’m a writer at heart and a lot of us crave anonymity. We write by ourselves, release it and try not to look back at it. It’s very strange to have my name and face out there for the world to consume.

However, the need for this workshop was greater than my insecurities or comfort zone. This was about US, for US, and by US. Sometimes, the only way to remember you have wings is by taking the leap.

Image provided by @createHERstock.

Image provided by @createHERstock.