5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

I had no idea what to expect but I was moved. Moved beyond belief. This piece of work needs to be read by every woman, who ever thought it was just them. It's the definition of rebirth. I cried, laughed, and prayed. I found a sister within these pages. Thank you for sharing this with me.


Excellent novel!

This book was a mirror, and a text book. It reared its ugly head and gave me an inside look as to what the hurt we cause(d) looks like. It gave lessons on how wrongs can be righted and how we can be better men, lovers, fathers and friends. Although I shouldn’t be, I’m pleasantly shocked at how much teaching of manhood came out of a book about womanhood

— jones

Once you begin the book you will be unable to put it down. I read the book in two days!

— tiera

The way the author brings to life the words on the page is simply beautiful. Even if you haven't quite experienced what the main character has in the book, you would be hard pressed as a woman to not relate to this book in some way. Loved it.

— doe