This is for the brown women, the round women, the try not to make a sound women, the loud women, the proud women, the bury us and we grow out the ground women.

she’s your daughter too

“You’re the strong one and you have to be. Take care of each other, remember one hand can’t clap.”

As a child, Dylan Ward enjoyed her father's anecdotes more than fairy tales. While navigating the intimate relationships of her teenage years into her twenties, she relies on his wisdom more than ever. Her dad's voice guides her through each vignette as she copes with betrayal, assault, infidelity, loss and love. Struggling through the muddy waters of her womanhood, she finds herself hanging from the threads of men who never knew how to love her anyway.

Inevitably, Dylan learns that life is not always as beautiful as a Caribbean sunset or as dark as the New York skyline on a rainy day. If any of this sounds familiar to you, it should because...

She's Your Daughter Too